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company news about Maintenance skills of putty powder equipment

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China Zhengzhou MG Industrial Co.,Ltd certification
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Dear Jason Liu It is very nice to hear from you as long time we no contact each other. By the way, the machine which we bought from you since 2017 we already assembled and being use from that time until now. So far there is no problem with the machine, so it can indicates that your machine is very good with the quality.

—— Ravin

Hello Zoey, Hope it is going well and safe with you guys in the strange new world we live in. It has been a year now since we installed Dry mortar plant and operating in SA. your machine is very good. As our output is increasing, I am reviewing options of installation of a second production line. Can you please send me a quote for a new plant ?

—— Francois

Hello Jason , how are you? We as a Company, we really appreciate your efforts on installing the plant on time, we really are thankful on your workers, they work hard to finish the plant and we helped them a lot but we finished on time without any problem... Also we tryed to be really nice and friendly with the workers so I hope they had a great t

—— Merita

Hi Zoey, All is well, How about you ? Yes, MG machine are working good. Thank you for your support. With this kind of machine we can make our own pre bag grout. Then consultants can’t complain anymore.

—— Prathamesh

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Company News
Maintenance skills of putty powder equipment
Latest company news about Maintenance skills of putty powder equipment

Putty powder equipment is mainly used to mix putty powder, and it also needs to do daily maintenance work, especially regular maintenance. Let me share with you the maintenance skills of putty powder equipment.

Maintenance skills of putty powder equipment

Maintenance skills of putty powder equipment

1. When the seasons change, the system components of the putty powder mixer need to be inspected and repaired.

2. Check the fastening of the parts of the putty powder mixer and the cleaning of the parts.

3. Lubricate the components of the dry mortar equipment before and after the operation.

4. Check the working conditions of the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering and braking components of the equipment.

5. Diagnose and inspect the parts that affect the performance of the equipment, and complete the replacement and adjustment work.

Matters needing attention before the putty powder equipment is started

1. The putty powder mixer should be installed on a flat and solid site. After installation, check whether the mixer is stable and firm.

2. Check whether the rotation of the putty powder mixer is good, the safety device and the protective device should be firm and reliable, and the operation is flexible. The transmission mechanism, working device, brake, etc. should be fastened and reliable to ensure normal operation.

3. Check that the electrical equipment of the putty powder mixer is in good condition, start the putty powder mixer to run empty, check the rotation direction of the mixing drum or the mixing blade, and the operation of each working device is braked and confirmed to be normal before operation.

The maintenance skills of the putty powder equipment are the above content. During the use of the putty powder equipment, you must strictly follow the instructions. If you find any problems, you must deal with them in time.

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