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company news about As a mortar equipment manufacturer, talk about gypsum mortar you don’t know!

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Dear Jason Liu It is very nice to hear from you as long time we no contact each other. By the way, the machine which we bought from you since 2017 we already assembled and being use from that time until now. So far there is no problem with the machine, so it can indicates that your machine is very good with the quality.

—— Ravin

Hello Zoey, Hope it is going well and safe with you guys in the strange new world we live in. It has been a year now since we installed Dry mortar plant and operating in SA. your machine is very good. As our output is increasing, I am reviewing options of installation of a second production line. Can you please send me a quote for a new plant ?

—— Francois

Hello Jason , how are you? We as a Company, we really appreciate your efforts on installing the plant on time, we really are thankful on your workers, they work hard to finish the plant and we helped them a lot but we finished on time without any problem... Also we tryed to be really nice and friendly with the workers so I hope they had a great t

—— Merita

Hi Zoey, All is well, How about you ? Yes, MG machine are working good. Thank you for your support. With this kind of machine we can make our own pre bag grout. Then consultants can’t complain anymore.

—— Prathamesh

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Company News
As a mortar equipment manufacturer, talk about gypsum mortar you don’t know!
Latest company news about As a mortar equipment manufacturer, talk about gypsum mortar you don’t know!

Empty drums, cracks, and leakage are the three "killers" of quality problems in the construction industry. According to authoritative statistics, it ranks among the top five housing complaints. Therefore, home buyers continue to defend their rights, and builders invest in endless maintenance of manpower, material resources, and money. This has become an unsolved problem that plagues home buyers and builders; it has become a worldwide problem in the industry... how to solve it?


The deep reasons that affect the hollowing and cracking


At present, labor resources in the construction industry are in short supply, and the shortage of skilled technicians has become increasingly prominent. Problems such as tight schedules, shortage of manpower, and frequent replacement of construction teams are extremely prominent. Often, all parties have more than enough attention to quality control management in the construction process. In addition, the ideas of "contracting for management" and "maintenance for management" are more popular in project management, and individuals even treat project management as "10-1=9".


latest company news about As a mortar equipment manufacturer, talk about gypsum mortar you don’t know!  0


How to change?


Mortar equipment manufacturers


Technological innovation is the core competitiveness! Management cannot solve technical problems!


Technological innovation is the direction to solve the common problems of traditional quality. As dust, labor reduction, industrialized construction become the development direction of the industry, and the need to solve the common quality problems of interior wall plastering in the construction industry, it is also necessary to reduce the dependence on technical work types. In recent years, plastering gypsum has become one of the important innovative technologies to replace traditional mortar plastering in residential projects.


Is gypsum incense used in blank rooms?


1. Plastering gypsum has the advantages of less hollowing, less cracking, no flash alkali, light weight, mechanized operation, high construction efficiency, and good surface decoration.


2. Through the investigation of various real estate projects in Central Plains, most benchmark companies have gradually begun to use plastering plaster in the indoor dry houses of blank handover projects. Companies such as Sunac, Languang, Dongyuan, Xincheng, China Fortune Land Development, Longfor, Zhongnan, and Country Garden have put forward standardized design requirements in the Central Plains. Companies such as Yongwei, Lvdu, Shimao, and Jinke took the lead in adopting aluminum mold projects.


3. The thickness of gypsum plaster is 8-15mm. For projects with better measured aluminum formwork or steel-wood composite system walls, the plastering thickness is mostly about 10mm, and the plastering is relatively thin; for the wood formwork projects with poor actual measurement, the plastering thickness is mostly 15mm.


Fourth, the process standard is: fully hang the net, brush a layer of interface agent on the concrete wall, and roughen the masonry wall first. When the plastering thickness is greater than 10mm, it should be kept twice.


5. After investigation, the unit prices of 15mm plaster plaster and 15mm cement mortar plaster for a real estate project are 32.84 yuan/㎡ and 30.01 yuan/㎡ respectively. From the cost analysis, the same plastering thickness is 15mm, and the unit price of gypsum mortar is not much different from that of cement mortar. If the thickness of gypsum plastering is 10mm, the cost will be reduced accordingly; and gypsum plastering greatly reduces the maintenance cost in the later stage, reduces the hidden invalid cost in the later stage, and improves customer satisfaction and corporate brand reputation;


Generally speaking, from the perspective of cost and quality, it is recommended to use lightweight plaster plaster for internal wall plastering of blank projects.


Traditional mortar VS gypsum mortar


Shorten the construction period:


Compared with the construction process of cement mortar, gypsum mortar greatly shortens the final setting time and curing period, so that the next process can enter the site in advance, which can significantly shorten the construction interval between the plastering and the facing layer, thereby saving considerable cost. The time and cost of the owner and general contractor, especially for projects with tight schedules.


Avoid empty drum cracking, beautiful and generous


Gypsum mortar equipment manufacturers


Gypsum mortar should not produce hollowing and cracking. The main reasons are as follows:


1. The bonding strength between gypsum mortar and base is high, and it is not easy to produce hollowing and cracking;


2. Gypsum sets and hardens quickly, has good hydration and micro-expansion, stable in volume after hardening, and is not easy to shrink and crack;


3. The thermal conductivity of gypsum mortar is close to that of aerated concrete, which helps to avoid hollowing or cracking caused by excessive thermal conductivity differences.


The bonding strength of gypsum mortar and base layer is high, and it is not easy to produce hollowing and cracking.


Actual measurement is excellent


Gypsum mortar is not easy to shrink, making the measurement data after survival more stable.


The vertical flatness of the finished surface is easy to control and easy to maintain.


Conducive to civilized construction


Good environmental protection


1. Adjust the indoor climate


During the hardening process of gypsum mortar, numerous tiny pores will be formed inside, which can effectively regulate indoor humidity. It is also called a breathing wall.


In addition, gypsum mortar has a certain auxiliary thermal insulation effect, which can improve the indoor living environment.


2. Energy saving and emission reduction


Use 100% flue gas desulfurization gypsum to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions.


Save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


3. Health and environmental protection


The pH value of plaster is similar to that of human skin, lower than 7, which will not irritate or damage the skin.


Gypsum is biosoluble. Gypsum powder inhaled in the body will be absorbed by the body, and will not affect health.


Gypsum does not contain heavy metal oxides and does not release radioactive harmful substances.


4. Good thermal function


The surface temperature of the gypsum wall is generally maintained at 18-20℃, and the human body feels comfortable indoors.


Good fire resistance


Gypsum is an inorganic non-combustible material.


Gypsum (CaSO4·2H2O) has a lot of crystal water. In the event of a fire, the crystal water will evaporate, absorb heat, provide a longer escape time, and prevent premature heating of the protected parts.


Gypsum mortar is easy to operate and has a wide variety of raw materials


There is no need to throw mortar before gypsum mortar construction. The number of leveling is far less than that of cement mortar, the survival quality is high, and the construction unit's acceptance is high.


East China is a big producer of gypsum, with sufficient supply of raw materials and obvious price advantages.


Currently, Vanke and Yanlord both have large-scale construction cases.


Implementation recommendations


There is no doubt that the finished gypsum mortar plastering process has more product advantages. If implemented, the following suggestions can be used for reference:


(1) It is recommended to organize in-depth investigations of multi-unit and multi-functional lines, and conduct on-site inspections of the actual use effects, construction project evaluation, market share, and production capacity of each brand.


(2) It is recommended to conduct small-scale pilot projects for projects. Through small-scale pilot projects, the scope of risks can be effectively controlled, the on-site quality evaluation and risk control system of special projects can be established and improved, and first-hand practical experience can be accumulated to provide support for subsequent promotion.


(3) In the use of materials, it is recommended to choose the finished gypsum mortar with guaranteed quality. At the same time, it is necessary to strictly stipulate quality clauses in the contract to strengthen the restriction of quality responsibility.


(4) It is recommended to establish strategic partnerships with qualified and qualified suppliers through centralized procurement at the group level to obtain more favorable supply prices, reduce costs, and increase profits.


Gypsum mortar has certain advantages over cement mortar in terms of construction, environmental protection, energy saving, and fire protection. However, gypsum mortar has low strength and is easy to absorb water, so it is not suitable for wading houses.


In application, gypsum mortar can indeed greatly reduce the risk of wall hollowing and cracking. The price will fluctuate according to project conditions and regional differences, and the specific price ratio of cement mortar should be analyzed in detail. However, we also believe that with the daily increase in cement prices, the economics of gypsum mortar will become more and more advantageous.

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